Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Veggies RULES!

Veggies on the plate are definitely not a child’s favourite! This time around, we have decided to take on these seemingly distasteful veggies and turn them around as part of our design inspiration.
In this workshop series, children will discover how they can get design ideas by exploring and observing closely common vegetables, in a variety of ways. They then learn to translate their ideas and inspiration into practical designs and to present their designs in sketches, drawings and models.
The workshops will consist of a series of small projects which together will help to stimulate and guide the students through their design process to create a Veggie Town!

Day 1 introduces sectional and elevational drawings as a type of architecture drawing. Participant will also get to develop their observation skills as they learn to examine the object in close detail and develop their drawing skills at the same time. They will also experiment using watercolour as a medium for their art.

Day 2 will provide hands-on exploration of the real object - "vegetables" as the participants attempt to create an edible art/ architecture and collaborate to create a veggie town.

Day 3 allows participants to look into the details of their veggie buildings designed in Day 2 and create a sectional and elevational drawing of their building.
5-12 year olds

$120 (or sign up with a friend(s) to enjoy better discount*)
Enter the discount code [Veggie] and enjoy 10% off the ticket price if you sign up before 8 May 2016!

6, 8 and 10 June 2016
1330 - 1630h

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I'm dreaming of a house...

Sorry for the late posting but do check out all the cool houses designed by our little architects!

We are very proud of them because when they came in for the workshop, they had no idea what is a architectural plan about. When we talked about the concept of scale, everyone was confused!
"It's too complicated! " Girl exclaimed.
But at the end of the workshop, they managed to understand a little better of what an architectural plan is and acquire a sense of scale in relation to their human body. OF course, they all went home proud of their own design!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

March into our March holiday workshop ; "Draw me a House!"

“Draw me a house!” and the child whipped out a drawing of his dream house within a mere ten minutes.

In reality, it is a much more elaborate process for the architect before he comes out with a design of a house.

Step into the shoes of the architect and learn about the stages of design development an architect goes through before coming up with a design for a house.
In this 2-day workshop, participants will be guided through the various steps an architect takes in design development, from developing a design brief to design sketch exploration to preparing drawings and making a model of the house. As the children learn to use and create 2d floor plans to represent 3 dimensional spaces, they will inherently develop a sense of scale in their attempt to relate to the built environment using their human body. 

At the end of the workshop, each one will get to bring home their dream house floor plan and model as well as a mini experience of being an architect!
For more info or to register for the workshop, pls visit http://ptix.co/1P78rnC