Project Architecture for kids is a place where art and architecture are experienced by children aged 4 to 12 years as part of their playful learning experiences. It involves a series of hands-on projects where they learn the language of architecture and discover for themselves their relationship with the environment. In doing so, they learn to perceive and respect their physical environment.

This project is conceived by Lim Siew Yee. Siew Yee first got in touch with teaching art to young children while she was practising as an architect. The interest in teaching young children took off and led her into teaching full time as an early childhood educator. As it is in the pursuit of architecture, it is to her belief that education is very much about the process of learning rather than the learnt product. Teaching children is a form of “architecture” as it involves all the senses and builds on previous experiences to form new learning grounds. At the same time, architecture which forms such an intricate part of our everyday experiences is an apt teaching approach for providing children with concrete and meaningful experiences.

Siew Yee attained both her undergraduate and masters degree in Architecture from Mcgill University in Montreal, Canada and also has a recognised Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Teaching (DECCE-T) from Asian International College, Singapore.

Project Architecture for kids hopes to promote architecture education amongst children and to spark an interest in architecture in children. We hope to have children to be more appreciative of their environment and the tectonics of things around. Rather than just playing with a toy, we hope they can question how the toy is made and perhaps be inspired to explore further or rebuild a toy of their own. Rather than going all the way to a theme park to find fun, we hope that they can find simple joy  as they indulge in their self-discoveries when they attempt to manipulate their everyday environment to make things, inventing their own play along the way.

We, at Project Architecture for kids, believe in designing purposeful play for children to encourage children to use their inborn imagination and spontaneity to experience the physical world. While we make use of various techniques and mediums to engage them in their learning, we will like to focus on the three dimensional aspects to allow them to look into the depths of the architectural world. 

As the children become involved in exploring architecture through the process of "learning by doing", they are in reality coming into contact with the many different disciplines such as history, culture, physics, math and art.